Transport services

The company was established in 1991 specialised in Port operation. We have a wealth of experience in discharge of vessels of steel products, grains, clinker and containers for onward transport to warehouses within Mombasa and its environs.
We are involved in the transport and storage of Empty Containers for all major shipping lines operating at the Port of Mombasa.

Currently we operate the largest Empty Container Depot facility in East Africa.

We have a mining division where we carry out excavation of limestone for supply to two major cement factories within Mombasa area.

We also operate a crusher for the production of Ballast to meet the need of construction industry.

With over 15 years in experience in transport, we are one of the most reputable companies in Kenya. At Hakika Transport Services we pride in ease and convenience. Our customer service has made us one of the most competitive companies. This is why our name stands next to none in this industry!

Hakika Transport Services services Kenya. Fully insured and licensed by the Kenya Department of Transportation, we offer competitive rates, 5 star customer service, and 100% satisfaction amongst our customers.


We specialize in transport service of the following: - 

  • Empty Containers Transport
  • Empty Containers Storage
  • Import Containers Transport
  • Export Containers Transport
  • Steel Coils / Billets Transport
  • Bagged Grains Transport
  • Bulk Clinker Transport
  • Bulk Limestone Transport
  • Mining / Excavation

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